About Kickie

Kickie Bergengren

abstract / figurative painting

I love to paint. My art often grows from abstract painting, where color and shape form a language, a process where the image and my inner interact. The great thing for me as an artist is to always have confidence in the language in the picture and that it will be a story where the composition goes together. A story that reflects different experiences and feelings in life. It's always an exciting trip, because when I paint, the picture changes to something I could not have imagined when I started.

I also use my paintings as a starting point for my textile prints when I press my own design on fabric. Sweden has a rich design archive with many designers who inspire me.

Nature with all its colors and moods gives me the desire to paint. In sunrise and sunset, in rain and fog I find the wonder of life and it forms my creativity. My art express both an outer and inner landscape.

I live in Vadstena, Sweden. A small medieval town with a rich history. In Vadstena, I also have my studio and art gallery.

When I'm not working with my art, I'm an author and writing books.

For many years I have worked as an art teacher with both children and adults and arrange workshops and hold lectures in which I work for the increased understanding of the painted language.

Some of my latest exhibitions have taken place in Italy such as Bologna, Verona, Villa Valier in Mira, and several times in Milan. I have also been awarded the Leonardo Da Vince Prize and the Uffizi Prize in Florence. In November 2016 I exhibited at the Paris Louvre expo in France.